Heart & Hands Health Collective

We are a Community Acupuncture & Holistic Health Collective in Lekwungen Territories (Quadra Village Neighbourhood, Victoria BC). We share our home with our sister business, Green Muse Herbs.

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It’s been a wild 14 years in our little yellow home on Cormorant St and it’s time to bid our North Park neighbourhood farewell. We will be building a bigger, collaborative new nest with our beloved sister business, Green Muse Herbs!! Before you panic, we are only moving a mere 8 short blocks north to our new home in Quadra Village!

We will be closed for the move June 24 – July 1!!

We aim to reopen the WEEK OF July 2nd!
**Our reopening date is subject to change**

2612 Quadra St.
(north of Kings Ave., ground floor of the Blue Bird Cabs building)
Victoria BC V8T 4E4
Lekwungen Territories

Seeking community-minded practitioners to join our team at Heart & Hands Health Collective!

Our practice is expanding and we are seeking a variety of community-minded practitioners to join our team!

We are looking for individuals who are social justice oriented, and interested in working with populations that may not have extended health benefits and/or those who are typically under-served by many holistic health services in Victoria.

Heart & Hands Health Collective is a grassroots, locally-owned and community-focused Community Acupuncture & Holistic Health clinic. THIS SUMMER we will be moving to our new location, 2612 Quadra St. in the heart of Quadra Village. We will be sharing our new location with our sister business, Green Muse Herbs.

AND, we are looking to expand our affordable, accessible holistic offerings!

Is Cupping & Gua Sha right for you? Some clinical FAQs

With the profile of both cupping and gua sha being on the rise in media and medicine in recent years, many people are coming to Heart & Hands entirely new to experiencing these therapeutic modalities. It is both fun and rewarding to introduce people to these unique tools, and people often leave their first session in both amazement and relief! In the interest of introducing ever more people to these powerful treatments, I thought I would expand upon our existing FAQ to allow a deeper look behind the curtain. 

Here are a few questions we regularly get about our offerings to help with determining if Cupping and Gua sha is the right therapeutic modality for you!

Tuning into the Summer Season, by Jade (JO) Oswald, R.TCMP.!

As the days get longer and the temperatures start to increase into the double digits we are well on our way to the hottest and brightest time of year, SUMMER!

Here in the northern hemisphere summer is often recognized as starting at the moment the sun is farthest north or the “Summer Solstice” around June 20-21. The Chinese seasonal calendar recognizes the 4 seasons plus transitional time as we shift between seasons based on the location of the sun in relation to the earth. Though we often consider summer to begin with the solstice, the Chinese seasonal calendar marks the beginning of May as the transition to summer and the end of May as the start to summer with the summer solstice as the seasonal midpoint.

One of the main principles of Chinese Medicine is living in accordance with nature and harmonizing as best as we can with the season and our surrounding environment. Doing so can help to support your health & keep illness at bay throughout the year.