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We are OPEN, please review our health & administrative policies before you visit! We are a Community Acupuncture & Holistic Health Collective in the heart of YYJ.

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UPDATE: Masks in BC health care facilities

As per the Public Health Order issued by BC’s Ministry of Health, MEDICAL MASKS are the preferred form of face covering, but not necessary for the time being.

All staff and clients entering Heart & Hands will still be required to wear a face covering, such as a medical mask, 2+ layer cloth mask or face shield when entering our facility to limit the spread of respiratory droplets.

For more information about the Ministry of Health’s public health order, READ HERE.

We will have medical masks for sale for $2 for individuals who arrive for their appointment without a face covering, however, due to pending shortages of PPE and to mitigate further costs of operating, we strongly encourage clients to remember to bring their own.

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Scheduling updates for November and beyond

Our hours will be shifting at the beginning of November, with the possibility of expanding our hours as we watch our bookings heading into December.

Commencing the week of November 9 – 14, our schedule will be as follows:

MONDAYS 10am – 2pm w Veronica+3 – 7pmw Susan
TUESDAYS 10am – 2pm w Christina
WEDNESDAYS 10am – 2pm w Veronica +3 – 7pmwChristina
THURSDAYS 10am – 2pm w Christina + 3 – 7pm w Veronica
FRIDAYS 3 – 7pm w Christina
SATURDAYS 10am – 3pm w Christina
SUNDAYS 10am – 3pm w Veronica

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Ways to support us (and yourself) into the winter

It is an increasingly stressful and uncertain time for most small businesses, now that we are midway through the fall and heading into darker, chillier and soggy Pacific Northwest days.

This is your PSA to support H&H and yourselves through this challenging time by exercising self-care. We depend on keeping our schedules booked so we can continue to pay our bills, our acupunks to make ends meet and to keep our doors open. So this is our call to book in to GET POKED !!!

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COVID Creature-Comfort Acu-Nap Contingencies

As we fast approach a seasonal change (farewell summer…sniff…), we will need to get creative to ensure that you continue to be comfortable AND safe during your acu-naps and that we do not create an overwhelming amount of laundry….

Here are a few suggestions that may help you stay warm and enhance your level of comfort and relaxation:

  • DRESS WARMLY, sweaters, vests, scarves are all ways to keep your core toasty
  • Bring your own CLEAN blankets and/or heating pads, hot water bottles (yes, we have a kettle) from home
  • Toques are an option if you want to skip your head points
  • If you are prone to extra chilly feet, we can modify your point combo so you can leave your socks on
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Holiday Acu-Napping Hours!

To give the H&H team the rest they need and to decrease the risk of exposure as we continue to ride the COVID wave, we will be winding down for ...
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Quarantine Digital Care Package #8

This is our last Digital Care Package of 2020 and I hope it provides tools to help bring comfort, nervous system regulation, nourishment and an opportunity to consider those who ...
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Province-wide restrictions: Re-iterating our COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols

Our COVID-19 Health, Safety and Administrative policies have continued to evolve and for the time being, there are no restrictions on health and personal services. With Dr. Bonnie Henry's announcement ...
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UPDATE: Masks in B.C. health-care facilities

As per the Public Health Order issued by BC's Ministry of Health, MEDICAL MASKS are the preferred form of face covering, but not necessary for the time being. All staff ...
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