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Heart and Hands Acupuncture clinic front on a sunny day.

Our focus is providing compassionate and accessible services to our community. Our mission is to transform community health into community wealth. Read more about us.

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November is Bring a Friend!

For the month of November, bring a friend to along to your appointment and EACH session is only $15!

*There is a $10 paperwork fee for NEW clients
**Clients must arrive together to redeem this promotion

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SUNDAY Nov. 18, Take Home TCM: Neck & Shoulder Acupressure

Pain in the neck? Weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you a teeth grinder?

Learn a simple and relaxing sequence of acupressure points that will release tension, decrease pain and relieve stress. Done with a partner, this sequence is safe, easy to learn, provide relief for a variety of stress-related tensions and help build mind-body awareness.

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Build Your Own Wild Winter Immune Tonic

Sunday December 2, 4:30-6:30pm
$25-$55 sliding scale

Facilitated by Medical Herbalist, Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed,
learn which plants can be harvested in the winter, how to identify them, how they can be used for food and medicine, and how to harvest them sustainably.

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Shine a light: an article about Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression, in which the onset is related to changes in seasons. Symptoms commonly start in the fall and continue through the winter months, due to declining daylight hours and temperature, sapping your energy, turning your body into a bag of bricks and giving you the “winter blues”, to put it lightly…

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Christine Patton standing behind her gemstone display

Congrats to 10 yrs, Stone Haven Gems & here’s to many more!

Sending a HUGE congratulations to Christine Patton, owner/operator extraordinaire of local Victoria business, Stone Haven Gems! Christine's labour of love turns 10 this November and Heart & Hands has been ...
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Nov. 10-12 closures!

Heads up nappers! Stone Haven Gems will be taking over H&H Nov. 10 - 11 for their annual fall studio sale AND to ring in their 10 anniversary! . That ...
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Gift of a nettle patch

Thank you H.P. for the beautiful card & patch, nettle is indeed a tenacious, magical healer <3 ...
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H&H story from Jason, PHS edition

This is Jason. PHS gave him his health back. He was living on the street and he thought that his addiction had him. Now he's working, and making plans for ...
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