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We are currently not part of the BC Vaccine Passport mandate, please review our health & administrative policies before you visit! We are a Community Acupuncture & Holistic Health Collective in the heart of YYJ.

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Christina’s 2nd bladder-versary: supporting BIPOC medical advocacy

Nov 1, 2021, marks my 2nd anniversary of surviving a life-altering year and an invasive bladder reconstruction surgery while living with chronic illness during global pandemic. 

2019 was a blur of too many trips to the hospital, endless diagnostics, procedures, a 6 inch battle scar and feeling like I’ve been through war. Despite it all, I have a lot to be grateful for. I no longer live with a urinary stent, debilitating pelvic pain and bladder spasms. I am clothed, housed, fed and employed and staying mostly sane navigating the trials and tribulations of pandemic practicing.

I am raising funds to donate to BIPOC organizations that advocate and improve access to medical care within Canada and beyond, in which I will be supporting the Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN)Black Health Alliance and Sick Kids Foundation, of which I was formerly a patient at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. 

If it is within your means to contribute to my annual fundraiser, thank you for helping me Urination Celebration!

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Quarantine Digital Care Package #19

As we gently fold into the ever darkening days of the late autumn to winter transition, I hope you have lightened the load in preparation of entering the heavy, cold and yin winter season. This year on the Vancouver Island, winter has hit hard and fast and it seems as if we’ve skipped over fall and went straight into a chilly, rainy winter.

From a TCM perspective, winter is seen as a time for going internal and recollecting in preparation for the future spring season. Water is the element of winter, so it’s only logical that the kidneys are the organ associated with this season. According to the classic TCM text, The Huang Di Nei Jing (“The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor”), it instructs us to follow the cycle of the seasons in order to stay healthy.

This month’s package boasts a variety of insightful and poignant history as well as different perspectives to see both our inner and outer landscapes. We have a thoughtfully curated Canadian soundtrack with some Indigenous flavor, more fascinating short docs, some recipes that will support your digestive fire as well as some resources to support our street entrenched community.

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Commencing November 1st: Late Fees in effect

Unfortunately, the number of clients arriving 5+ minutes late in recent weeks is rising and it is becoming unmanageable for us to provide proper care to everyone, esp when we have multiple late-comers back-to-back.

The Community Acupuncture model relies on high volume bookings to keep our rates affordable + for our practitioners to make a living wage. Our timeslots are currently 15 minutes long, so there is adequate time for clients to get settled, for your acupunk to conduct your intake and administer your treatment. So when someone is 5, 10, 15 minutes late, you can imagine how this impacts our ability to do our job and will have a ripple effect on staying on schedule.

Commencing November 1st, 2021, clients who arrive 5+ minutes past their appointment time will be charged a $2 fee

And while we hate having to penalize clients, lateness is a major contributor to the stress of pandemic practicing and we’re hoping that this will encourage a shift in people’s habits.

Thank you in advance and PLEASE be on time!!

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COVID Creature-Comfort Acu-Nap Contingencies

Here are a few suggestions that may help you stay warm and enhance your level of comfort and relaxation:

  • DRESS WARMLY, sweaters, vests, scarves are all ways to keep your core toasty
  • Bring your own CLEAN blankets and/or heating pads, hot water bottles (yes, we have a kettle) from home
  • Toques are an option if you want to skip your head points
  • If you are prone to extra chilly feet, we can modify your point combo so you can leave your socks on
  • Headphones or ear plugs to block noise, as all the extra handwashing and talking to one another through our masks does create more background noise
  • Please do not arrive more than a few minutes before your appointment to minimize the time spent waiting outside as the weather starts cooling off and the days gradually get shorter. To maintain social distancing, it is not possible to let people wait in the lobby.
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Quarantine Digital Care Package #20

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New services coming Winter 2022!

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I went into labour after our last appointment together!

Hi Christina,I wanted to send a quick hi and thank you for doing what you do! You are fantastic. As you may have guessed when I never showed up again, ...
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Group Spells: Herbal Foundations

In the new year, H&H will be hosting a new herbal medicine series in partnership with Gina Badger of Long Spell Herbs! In the meantime, we'd like to invite our ...
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