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We are OPEN, please review our health & administrative policies before you visit! We are a Community Acupuncture & Holistic Health Collective in the heart of YYJ.

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Community Acupuncture scheduling & policies: give us your feedback!

We have had to make many changes to how we operate to ensure we can maintain health and safety standards. We are looking for feedback on how we are currently doing now that we have been reopened for a month and how we can serve you better going forward into the summer.

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Adjustments to sliding scale due to COVID-19

It is necessary at this time for us to change our sliding scale to $35-55 per treatment. This is a difficult decision but it is our best shot for Heart & Hands to survive through this global pandemic and be able to continue offering the care that we have been providing for nine years.

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Suspending Acupuncture Seat Sales

Due to many variables and unknowns we are juggling in order to re-open during COVID-19, we will no longer be selling Acupuncture Seat Sales for the foreseeable future.

All punchcards valid from March 18th, 2020 and going forward, their expiry dates will be extended till December 31st, 2020. So please book-in in the future to use up your prepaid sessions

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Adjustments to Direct MSP Billing due to COVID-19

For clients who are eligible for MSP Premium Assistance, you will have coverage for $23 per acupuncture session for a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year. We will bill MSP directly for $23 per session and you will be responsible for paying the remaining $12-32 per session to fall within our $35-50 sliding scale. This out of pocket portion of the treatment fee can be paid with debit, credit, cash & cheque.

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We are open for regular hours on July 1st AKA Canada Day

We are running our regular hours Wednesday July 1st:> Veronica poking 10am - 2pm> Christina poking 3 - 7pm If you are hoping to come in for an acupuncture session ...
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Quarantine Digital Care Package #3

As we continue to navigate this new pandemic world, we would like to provide you another offering that will keep your eyes awake, ears to the ground and heart open ...
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A young woman standing barefeet at the beach. Her feet are bathing in the waves that are rolling over the sand.

“Whole Body Settling”: a guided body awareness exercise

For those who have been on my table this will be a familiar exercise. Inviting the whole body to settle is one of the ways I support your transition from ...
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