How to make acupuncture “work” (for you)

As they say “practice makes perfect”, it is necessary any time you are mastering a new skill. Just like learning a new sport or instrument, it can take time to sink in and with some patience, eventually it becomes 2nd nature.

Well, think of receiving acupuncture as being similar. It helps to remind or re-teach the body how to function in a balanced state. With injury or illness, your body has temporarily forgotten this innate ability and it becomes imbalanced and out of whack.

Most holistic therapies work best when used regularly. Therefore, receiving one acupuncture treatment is a good start, BUT, receiving a consistent succession of treatments is BETTER! Most people usually feel benefits within the first 1-3 treatments, but to maintain these benefits, you will need regular  tune-ups. This will ensure that not only will you GET better, you will STAY better.

Consider your treatment plan a way for your body to practice how to receive acupuncture. You will become accustomed to the routine, you get used to the bodily sensations and you get better at relaxing so that your body can focus on circulating that qi and healing.

Some people heal faster and others take longer. Some people come in with fresh, acute issues, while others are dealing with long-term chronic issues. Please give your body the patience and respect it needs to recover. You may have good weeks and bad, but remember that it is all part of the healing process. If are feeling better, we’ll taper back your treatments. If you’re still not feeling great, we’ll stay on track.

What we are trying to achieve is to build your body’s resistance to the ups and downs of daily life. We can’t change the fact that you have an inherited condition, that we live in a cold-damp climate, things are stressful and a myriad of other things that make life challenging. We simply ensure that your body has the ability to cope when the going gets tough.

Remember, like many things, making acupuncture “work” (for you) is a PROCESS as well as a commitment to the patient-practitioner relationship, yourself and your body. As mentioned, practice makes perfect.

We’d love to make acupuncture to work for you too :)
~Christina Chan, R.Ac. & Melissa de Haan, TCM.P.


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