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Antidote for Digital Overload

Antidote for Digital Overload

A wonderful entry in the renowned acupuncture blog AcuTake. Enjoy :)

A version of this article originally was written for RowdyKittens, a blog about social change through simple living

“We’ve arrived at a point of tension. Technology has enabled possibilities that just 10 years ago seemed unthinkable. And yet these same advancements have deprived us of some of our most basic abilities, instincts and pleasures. This conflict has spurred an ongoing and at-times-heated debate that’s being played out everywhere from the publishing industry to the classroom to the boardroom. However, one area where the topic is being discussed much less than it should be is in healthcare.”

“Acupuncture, because it demands presence and participation from its recipients, can help answer these questions. It encourages us to think more broadly about health, beyond what mainstream influences have conditioned us to believe. Ultimately, open mindedness and awareness in healthcare will take us infinitely further than the latest technology”


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