Knowing one’s abilities: capabilities and limitations

Christina Chan is standing in the lobby of the Heart & Hands holding a poster with 4 green circles: Compassion, Respect, Equality, Dignity.

We have been working hard, pouring time, energy and $$ into this new clinic space now. I can see the finish line in the distance. But this week being the week I had chosen to reopen, the space just wasn’t where it should be and I was losing sleep over how unfinished the clinic would be when we started seeing patients again. I should be looking forward to this experience, but instead I was dreading reopening my practice, unprepared.

It wasn’t till I had a conversation with my ‘punk Melissa de Haan that I finally gave myself permission to take the pressure off. She reminded me of the art of pacing ones self and that I wouldn’t be any better off if I rushed the process, frazzled, stressed, exhausted.

So, I bravely chose to reopen on Sept. 22nd, giving myself and Denny, my partner in crime, another week and a half to make the space just right…and dust-free…The energy of the day, the space and MY energy completely shifted after making this decision. And as well, I love my patients. They were more than understanding about the situation and happily rebooked for the following week. I am blessed.

I’m still in awe of what we’ve achieved, but also now respectful also of what I’ve yet to work towards. This project was no small task, definitely NOT for the faint of heart. “Renovation” will be the word of 2011 for me, but now also “innovation”, the opportunity reinvent and inspire a new frame of mind.

I look forward to having my mind opened to all new experiences in this wacky little space of ours. And now, we have the time and space to finish this space right (thanks Melissa!). We’ll see you at bright and yellow 851 Cormorant, doors open on Sept. 22nd, 2:45 sharp :)

~Christina Chan, R.Ac.

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