Community Acupuncture economics 101

Making the time and saving the cash for self-care can be a tricky balance. Some say its all about budgeting, but we believe it is more about priorities.

We need to shift our view of self-care and wellness as being a luxurious indulgence to being a necessary and preventative investment in our long-term health. Why shouldn’t your quality of life be worth investing our time and money?

So at Heart & Hands we offer a sliding scale of $20-40/session and we encourage our clients to pay what they can afford so they can ensure they receive the necessary course of treatment. We not only want to make it easier on your wallet, we want to make it easier for you to come as often as you choose so you receive as much or a little treatment as you require.

So for as little as $20 every few weeks, an acupuncture tune-up keeps you energized, resistant to illnesses, sleeping well and mentally focused. A small price to pay to get you through day-to-day life smoother and with that extra spring in your step.

What else $20 can get you in Victoria BC:

– A weeks worth of americanos (at $3.25 a pop), if you have a one-a-day habit
– Lunch for two at Pig, with possibly a little left over for Boylan sodas
– A movie for two at the Odeon downtown (not including popcorn)
– A random printed t-shirt from Utopia
– One pair of merino wool hiker socks from MEC ($20 socks…for serious)
– Half a dozen custard fruit tarts from Wildfire Bakery
– 2 pints (domestic beer) + a basket of something deep fried at a pub

Although there is instant gratification with each of the above mentioned items, we are all inclined to indulge and drop an easy $20. But none of them are actually the healthiest or most practical choices. It all adds up pretty quickly and when you think about it, $20 doesn’t buy you that much.

At Heart & Hands, $20 gets you top-notch professional care, in a supportive environment where you can bring your loved ones. It gets you 30-60 minutes of pause in a cozy, peaceful space. You get to arise feeling restored, relaxed and more limber. And you contribute to a social movement dedicated to providing both an accessible, preventative health care for the community as well as an honest, living wage for experienced, compassionate practitioners.

And we also don’t mind if you choose to pay more than $20 too! But whatever amount your choose to pay, we want you to acknowledge that wellness is a necessity that should be practiced at regular intervals and need not be expensive.

Oh…and did we mention? The nap is complimentary…zzz…..


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