The remedy for busy

Many health problems can be
greatly alleviated or eradicated with acupuncture, but what we find as practitioners is that most people are “too busy to get better”, meaning, they are too busy to come for regular treatments that are close enough together that they can achieve and maintain lasting results. Community Acupuncture can remove the barrier of cost, giving more people the opportunity to come more often and therefore actually resolve chronic problems, but often the biggest barrier to improving our health is ourselves.

So, just how often should you come for acupuncture treatments? Below is a page from the Heart and Hands website that gives a good idea of treatment frequency, using a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most severe). Obviously, the busier and more stressed out you are, the more often you should come.


You probably “don’t have time” for treatments, but you will definitely need them, and you will need them way more frequently than the person who is relaxing in the garden meditating and eating cherries. Stress and overwork is a bit insidious. The exhaustion of both can creep up on you when you are in full flight mode and too busy to notice its accumulative effects until you stop, but by then, reserves may be so depleted it can take months to rejuvenate, and only with equally radical measures of complete rest.

It’s way better to support yourself during periods of stress and overwork then to keep going until your system crashes and a meltdown ensues. It might be the hardest time to make time, but that’s usually when you need it most. Coming in for your acu-nap on a regular basis will help you avoid burn out and get better!

~Melissa de Haan


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