A testimonial by Kyla :)

About a year ago I developed a hormone imbalance which was really affecting my ability to function at work and even to enjoy everyday life. I wanted to get treatment but I was reluctant to resort to western medicine since I have found that the inevitable side effects of drugs usually outweighed the benefits of the treatment.

After a long (and expensive) search into other treatments I discovered Heart & Hands Health Collective and my life hasn’t been the same since! I have seen a huge improvement in my symptoms with no side effects and all for a price which can’t be beat!

I have also experienced many other benefits that I never expected to receive:

-I haven’t had a cold in months
-My memory has improved
-I have lost weight
-I sleep much more soundly
-My complexion is a lot clearer and my hair is softer
-I no longer suffer from mild back pain (no more painful chiropractor visits – Yay!)
-It has helped me to avoid burning out from stress at work
-I have a feeling of serenity which is worth its weight in gold!
My mind doesn’t chatter as much and my emotions are way more balanced
-The world just seems like a brighter place!

I swear by Heart & Hands and recommend it to all my friends. Its really helped me and I am sure that it can help you too. If you are deciding whether acupuncture is for you I really hope that you will give Heart & Hands a try!



We are always looking for testimonials. If you have been touched in some way by a member of our collective, please share with us. Please send submissions to heartandhands.acu@gmail.com

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