Tonight was about confirmation

I met the woman who has been sleeping
under the overhang at Heart & Hands. DSC_1740
Her shopping cart full of her few worldly possessions was parked out front of the clinic. She has been homeless since May 17th and is on disability. She started to pack up when she saw me approaching the building, but I told her she was welcome to sleep there for the night.

She asked me if I was the owner and that she needed to let me know that normally she could only sleep 2 hrs at a time because of her chronic pain. But last night, she slept outdoors under our overhang, straight till morning, for 10 whole hrs, pain free. She mentioned that whatever was going on in this building, it must be some powerful healing energy and she wanted to thank me.

Hearing this ignited a small flame of gratitude in my heart and at the same time,
I could feel my heart cracking. So sad to see people falling through the cracks in the streets of Victoria. I left her an apple and a granola bar for the evening when I locked up. In my head, I said a small blessing for her before I left.

An affirmation that I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I should be doing. Thank you.
~Christina Chan

We found this lovely little gift hanging from the front door this morning :)

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