Albizia flowers are fluffy, pink and white

Albizia, Collective Happiness Bark


There are countless plant medicines to choose from for anxiety, so like a village matchmaker, all art lies in tracing the details. What does your anxiety crave? From what does it rise up from: a place brittle and burned out, or tightly wound like a ball? A hole with no bottom? Does it send your energy fleeing like so many sparrows, or sink you like a stone?

And so we meet Albizia Julibrissin, also known as Mimosa, Silk Tree and whose Chinese name, He Huan Hua, translates to mean “collective happiness bark”. Much more than just a herb for anxiety, Albizzia’s playful spirit laughs away the stubborn grips of the fear and anger.

Albizia is a blushing pink tree, which is both deciduous and sensitive, meaning it’s delicate sickle shaped leaves fold together shyly, either by touch or as the sky darkens. And o the flowers! So many flowers– like marvelous dr. zeus hair-dos: wind blown, coiffed, titilated, ecstatic, bubble gum pink giggling blossoms. This improbable fragrant laughing tree can stand 40 feet wide and 35 feet tall– sweetness saturating the night.


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