A branch of elderberries on a wooden table top beside a ceramic red bowl that contains sprigs of thyme.

October’s Formula Focus: Elderberry Elixir

There are few cold and flu formula’s that taste as delicious as a good Elderberry Elixir– which is good news because there are some nasty bugs out there these days— yep, flu season has begun folks.  And so I’m really excited to have a fresh batch of Elderberry Elixir on the shelves at Heart & Hands Health Collective.

So what is Elderberry?  Elderberry refers to the berries of the Elder tree– a tree that can be easily found around Victoria.  However the most common Elder trees around Victoria have red berries which can cause stomach upset– the Elderberries we’re after are the blue and black berries, as well as the flowers.

Elderberry is a wonderful Immune tonic that does more than simply stimulate the immune system, but also modulates it in order to conjure the appropriate immune response (rather than an overly reactive response, which can be dangerous for those with autoimmune disorders).  Elderberries also have the brilliant ability to disarm viruses by destroying the ability of cold and flu viruses to infect cells.  If that wasn’t enough they also strengthen mucus membranes, and support the body’s natural flu fighting mechanisms without being overly strong-handed in the way that popular cold-flu remedies such as Oregano Oil and Grape-seed Oil can be; because of this, recovery is generally easier with elderberries.

And did I mention it tastes great…

Jenny McCartney, Medical Herbalist
250-508-8160 / j.frances.poppy@gmail.com

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