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Formula Focus by Jenny McCartney: how to choose the right Cold or Flu remedy

Well folks, cold and flu season is here.  Booking an acupuncture session at H&H is a wonderful first step to kick that nasty bug or virus, and if you’re looking to add a little extra support to your session consider taking one of the three cold and flu tinctures sold at Heart & Hands.  However, all colds and flus are not the same, and it’s common to use the wrong herbs for treatment. So to help with this, below are some simple descriptions of what works for what:

The Hot & Stuffy Formula: use this formula when you have some of the following signs of heat in your system, such as flushed cheeks, a sore scratchy throat, an unproductive cough, stuffed up sinuses & sinus headaches, yellow or green mucus, itchiness, or a general feeling of heat.

The Drippy Head Cold Formula: use this formula when you have some of the following signs: lots of mucus that is generally clear in colour or at least pale, a productive cough, body aches and stiffness, frequent urination, body chills & no fever.

Elderberry Elixir: use this formula at the first signs of a cold or flu, or use as a general immune tonic and cold/flu preventative during times when you are specially at risk of getting sick (ie. in a household of sick loved ones!).  This formula has more in common with the Hot & Stuffy Formula than the Drippy Head Cold Formula, but is less forceful and better at the early stages and recovery stages.

be well.

Jenny McCartney, Medical Herbalist, www.heartwoodbotanicalmedicine.com

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