H&H Story from J.B.M.

J.B.M. is wearing a white baseball cap, brown framed glasses, black t-shirt and a white apron. He is standing in a kitchen, leaning with both hands on the counter. He has a few sparse tattoos visible on his arms.

I first met Christina at a meditation workshop a couple summers ago. I quickly took notice of how balanced her energy was and how in-tune she seemed. We got to talking and she told me all about Heart & Hands.

Skip forward a year or so, I bump into Christina again, this time while I’m behind a busy kitchen line. She asks me how I’m doing to which I reply with good, but tired and sore. She reminds me of Heart & Hands and gives me a business card. A week goes by and I finally decide to go in for some acupuncture. Whether it’s been my feet, my shoulders, my wrists, my knees, or just overall stress and anxiety, I turn to Heart & Hands Health Collective for whatever is ailing me.

As soon as you enter the space you feel much calmer and relaxed. The energy in the space is very welcome and warm. I feel very comfortable there.

For the past year I’ve been a regular patient at Heart and Hands and I will continue to do so for as long as I foresee.

I’ve been able to recover and restore from any ailments or injuries and it hasn’t been without the help of Christina and the Heart & Hands Health Collective.

I am very grateful for everything they do.

Peace and love,

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