View of the bathroom windowsill with manekinekos and a jade plant.

H&H story from V.W.R.

I moved to Victoria from Vancouver a number of years ago to attend UVic. I had built such an incredible network of alternative health practitioners over many years in Vancouver, and I was concerned to be moving away from them, and to be taking on the life of a student, unable to afford the regular care my highly sensitive body needs to stay feeling good.

What an absolute delight it was for me to have Heart and Hands recommended to me! I have found that community acupuncture is exactly the right thing for me on so many levels. Just as I prefer to meditate in a group rather than alone, I also find that receiving acupuncture in a circle of wellness really heightens the experience for me.

I also find that my attitude in going to Heart & Hands is quite different than going to any other health practitioner: rather than going to see Christina because I am sick or in pain, I go to be well.

Additionally, community acupuncture is so affordable, so I am able to get tuned up as frequently as I desire. That’s another thing that really stands out for me – I absolutely love to start my Saturday mornings with a session, and will occasionally book an appointment just because there seems no better way to start my day than with a peaceful and healing nap at Heart and Hands.


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