H&H story from A.L.

A.L. is wearing glasses, a lacy white top, shorts, hair pulled back in a pony tail. She is sitting on the bench at Heart & Hands.

I heard of Heart & Hands through the store “Self Heal Herbs”. I had recently moved into Victoria from Vancouver, I was suffering from Crohn’s and needed a smaller community as I began my healing journey. I was picking up herbs to help with my never ending symptoms, and was encouraged the Heart and Hands was the place to go. I made an appointment the next day, and my first experience with Heart & Hands was everything I was looking for and more. From their kindness, to their understanding, I was cocooned in blankets and encouraged to nap. What is this… encouraged napping?! I had been to acupuncture in Vancouver but it was nothing compared to the likes of this.

I was hooked after the 1st appointment knowing my health was safe in the hands of such a wonderful community clinic. Within the first month of treatments I began as a volunteer and my health along with my happiness began to soar. I have happily been an active patient, friend and supporter of Heart & Hands for 2 years now and wish this clinic the best of luck in its future.

If you are in need of kind, gentle, and happy experts in holistic health practices, Heart & Hands is the place to go. Truly a space where one’s heart can relax and their hands can be still. A place to go when you are in need of rest from this busy life.


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