Lobby retail set-up with buttons, stickers, tinctures and salves

H&H story from J.P.

I have been a happy member of the Heart and Hands community since 2012.

I hadn’t been living in Victoria for long before noticed a flyer in a downtown coffee shop advertising Reiki sessions at the previous Heart and Hands community location on Douglas Street.  Little did I know this would lead me to meet so many wonderfully gifted and knowledgeable wellness practitioners.

I hadn’t experienced acupuncture before meeting Christina.  Honestly, I was terrified of the prospect of having needles anywhere near my skin!  I think I must have been shaking as I remember Christina having to reassure me a few times over. And of course it really wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.  Plus, there’s nothing quite like having an acu-nap.  I sleep like a baby every time!

The space provides a quiet and peaceful environment  perfectly suited to receiving treatments.  I look forward to each appointment as I know that my body and mind respond so well.  No matter what is happening in my life I know that going for a acupuncture treatment is one of the best things I can do for my mind, body and spirit.


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