H&H Story from M.F.

Mi.F. is standing on the beach, wearing a ocean-soaked wet suit holding a purple sea urchin.

The essential health and wellness services offered by Heart & Hands have significantly improved the quality of my life. These talented health care professionals offer an invaluable service to the community by providing a safe and accessible space for individual and collective healing, connection, and care.

Heart & Hands’ acupuncture practice has been the single most important source of help and stability on my road to recovery after being hit by a car while riding my bicycle. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, exacerbated by the accident, regular visits to Heart & Hands has become an integral part of my care and resiliency tool box. Whether it is bi-weekly acupuncture treatments or tinctures from their resident Herbalist, Jenny, I am so grateful for their practices of care and their focus on the cultivation of strong communities from the ground up.

Thanks for being such an integral part of my life! All best,

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