H&H Story from M.G.

M.G. is next to Christina Chan in the Heart & Hands lobby. Both of them wear glasses. In the background is a poster that says, "Community Acupuncture Healthcare for All"

I came to Heart & Hands when I felt like I had nothing to lose. My physical and emotional states were in crisis, and I felt helpless and vulnerable. I didn’t know at the time how profoundly impactful community acupuncture would be on my life.

Heart & Hands is a space of honouring people, of offering acceptance freely, of providing a safe environment for healing to take place.

My experience of feeling supported and nurtured by the acupunks and volunteers at “the little yellow building” is not uncommon. Heart & Hands has been such an incredible place for so many people. I feel honoured to be part of a true community, as a volunteer and as a “napper”

What a haven in this city.


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