H&H story from A.S.

Lobby blackboard schedule and clinic library

I’ve been using acupuncture to help with ME and Fibromyalgia since 1995, and knew when I moved to Victoria that I needed to find a good acupuncturist.

I lucked out completely as the first R.Ac. I found was Christina at Heart & Hands. She has kept me well and functioning for over 4 years. My condition is highly variable, but with her incredible knowledge and a healthy dose of intuition she knows exactly what to do each treatment so that I leave the clinic feeling infinitely better than when I came in. Her knowledge base and understanding is broad, as is her compassion and care for her clients. As a low income, disabled person I am happy that I can find such quality care that is also affordable.

Heart & Hands has a wonderful atmosphere – friendly staff, a relaxing decor and a philosophy truly committed to health. They’ve been invaluable to me! Highly recommended!!


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