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I have complicated, chronic, multi-system, health issues, and over the last two years my life has changed beyond recognition. I’ve had to close my business as I have mobility issues, vision loss, and live in constant pain and with debilitating fatigue.

Many days I am unable to get out of bed, due to the severity of my symptoms, and over the last two years I’ve had to give up pretty much everything that made me, me. Life has been pretty miserable, made more so by the frustrations of trying to achieve wellness within our largely allopathic healthcare system. Thankfully, there are efficacious, accessible and supportive alternatives, such as Heart & Hands Health Collective.

I’ve been working with acupuncture for over 20 years and with great success but have often found it to be prohibitively expensive to use on an ongoing basis. However, I was looking for a more accessible approach to this modality, as a way to help support my healing and balance my system given the many medications I have to take. I had noticed the clinic one day when passing, and on one particularly grim day, having spent several days in hospital, I literally stumbled into Heart & Hands.

I was really sick, really stressed, and in terrible pain. Christina was amazing. Even though she wasn’t able to give me a full treatment immediately, (as it was almost the end of the morning session), Christina booked me in for the afternoon, and then gave me a quick triage protocol to help with the pain, and tide me over. The afternoon session reduced my pain and nausea from an 11 to a 3 (out of 10), and quickly rebalanced my system. I felt like a different person after my treatment. That was the first of many, many effective sessions that I’ve experienced at Heart & Hands. It’s a wonderful, inclusive healing environment, and I heartily recommend it to anyone living with chronic pain, and/or chronic illness.

The quality of care is second to none. They even bill MSP direct for 10 sessions a year @$23 a session, meaning even the most poverty stricken of us can afford treatment. There is also a Naturopath, and Herbalist on site, and they both have affordable, accessible services too, which is a rare treat for those of us with major health issues, and limited finances!

Do your body and spirit a favour, and book an appointment today. You will thank yourself for doing so. :)


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