Window over the clinic door, decorated with dried grass stars.

H&H story from Me.F.

There have been some pretty significant experiences under this roof.

My first time experiencing acupuncture was at the Heart & Hands Health Collective. I was amazed at the immediate effects, and suddenly I understood why so many people swear by it. I learned so much about my body with just one session, and I still continue to learn and re-learn so much each time I come in. The atmosphere is always calm, soothing, happy, and inviting. I never feel uncomfortable to express my needs or situation, which is so important when visiting any health care facility/practitioner.

Heart & Hands is the one place I recommend to anyone for almost anything because I know firsthand how real and powerful the healing is. I have come in for wrist pain & swelling, high emotional stress, common cold symptoms, mental fogginess, low energy levels, knee injury, muscle tightness, and menstrual discomfort & irregularities.

When there is nothing that needs much attention, a general boost to enhance and continue my flow of feeling great is what I go for. I always find the practitioners to be very intuitive, nurturing, and readily offer wisdom beyond their practice to assist in your healing.


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