H&H Story from S.S.

S.S. wearing a light coloured scarf and an indigo sweater sitting on the bench at Heart & Hands.

Rewind to 2007. I had just come back from travelling, was immersing myself in yoga, working a job I mostly loved and really believed in, but…

I was also broken hearted, rather prone to anxiety and insomnia, very driven to prove myself as a worthy human, and very confused about how to put a life together. I worked too hard, exercised too much, and partied too hard and too much, all in an effort to not feel these feels.

I started getting acupuncture regularly at a community clinic in an effort to make my lower back not hurt so much. I kept getting acupuncture because of the world it opened up for me. These deep, sweet, sometimes haunting places where I could feel who I really was, underneath the pain that I was so busy running from. I had accessed these places before, but only after hours and days of mediation, or in ramped up, fleeting versions on psychedelics. But with acupuncture, it was right here. Some days it was a battlefield, some days I was floating and snaking down and around in an indescribable soft darkness.

This was the healing ground.
This is where I put myself back together.

And it was accessible: no hours of mediation, no drugs, no long conversations, pretty minimal effort on my part, and only $20. The negative side-effects being that I regularly left my shoes at the clinic, and sometimes cried in public.

I enrolled in Acupuncture School a couple of years later, and have never lost sight of how
community acupuncture changed/saved my life.

This healing/wholeness business is a life long process. I still get regular treatments at Heart & Hands, and these treatments are an indispensable part of how I take care of, and continue to get to know myself.

So being an acupuncturist at Heart & Hands is my dream job. I know we are not changing the life of everyone who walks in here. But to offer a space and to practice this kinda magic modality that allows more people to access this deep healing place is, for me, one of my greatest blessings, and, at this point, I can’t imagine anything I would rather do.

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