H&H Story from W.L.

W.L. lying in the grass sprinkled with pink cherry blossoms. She is wearing jeans, black sweater, purse across her chest and a cap.

I have a tear in my rotator cuff, so I was going to physio for 2 years. I decided to give Community Acupuncture a try because my sister went for her migraines.

My first time at acupuncture Christina put a needle in my lower leg and said, “try to lift your arm”. I said “I haven’t  been able to lift my arm above my shoulder for 2 years.”

Guess what happened next? I lifted my arm over my head! A miracle had taken place for me.

I have been going almost every week so I can have full movement in my arm. I hate needles but my body loved acupuncture, so I bring it to Heart & Hands regularly.

Thank you Heart & Hands!

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