Heartwood Botanical Sensualist's Elixir, dark tincture bottle in a woven grass basket

Formula of the Month: The Sensualist’s Elixir

If you’ve perused the front shelves of the Heart & Hand’s lobby and been curious about
some of the tinctures being sold, then you’ll know that it can be hard to choose! This month I want to give some words of description to one of the most misunderstood of my tinctures: The Sensualist’s Elixir!

I find this elixir quite delicious, it’s resiny, aromatic, spicy and warm. This formula could be labelled as a moderate aphrodisiac, In that it stimulates circulation and blood flow to the erogenous zones of the body. But then I don’t want to pigeonhole it. It’s really about embodiment and the creative flame, and it becomes specially ideal during these cloudy coastal winters. Summer’s flame circulates our energy; it dazzles and distracts our senses with the flamboyancy of its armfulls of flowers and swollen fruits – everything flirting and buzzing in fat flowering elation. Winter is when the frills fall away and we’re left in the bone marrow of it all.

Many of us are acquainted on some level with the winter blues – when the emotions and energy stagnate. We puddle, sink, and things slow down without the sun’s heat and energy chasing away our demons, warming our creaking joints and casting light into our dusty, dark corners. And when we can’t count on the sun, plants make a fabulous substitute. They are, of course, premier feeders and transformers of light!

The plants used in this particular formula are solar and sacral in nature, coming in shades of red, orange and yellow, and offering warm circulation. The star of this formula is Damiana, which helps folks to come home to their bodies, reconnect with the base instincts and warm and open the pelvic area. Damiana is also wonderful for those experiencing a type of blue depression that could likely perk up if the sun came out for a few days (or a few hours!) or for the kind of depression which is connected to a feeling of needing one’s fire stoked.

If your blue feelings are a bit more pervasive, deeper and darker, I would try the Lamplighter formula. Be well!

Jenny McCartney, Medical Herbalist, www.heartwoodbotanicalmedicine.com

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