G.D. in a black wetsuit holding a paddle, sitting on a paddle board on open water

H&H story from G.D.

Back in September 2016, I received a serious head injury that resulted in a long lasting concussion and a prolonged period off work. My friend, Lauren, recommended I see Christina to help me deal with the persisting symptoms including severe headaches, neck strain, memory issues, difficulty regulating my emotions and foggy brain. I tried acupuncture once before for this same injury at a different place, but I found it made my symptoms worse.

I started seeing Christina in January, and after a few sessions, I noticed my symptoms began to abate. Most importantly, I was able to go to Heart & Hands and relax after suffering for so long. I’m still amazed at the way Christina can provide accurate assessments of how I’m doing using techniques that seem magical, and I appreciate the personal care she provides. The treatment room is a very tranquil environment and a healing place. Also, Christina went above and beyond to advocate for me with Worksafe so I could get coverage for many of my sessions. I went back to work a month and a half after Christina first started treating me and I finally feel like I’m my old self again.

Thanks so much for everything Christina! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Much Gratitude,

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