Weekly grid schedule of meals

Customized meal planning with Dr. Brewster Scott, ND

Are you looking to eat better, but not sure how?  Are you wondering what diet might be best for you and which recipes will give you a healthy basis for you everyday life?  Getting a customized meal plan can help!

Dr. Brewster Scott, ND will take a thorough health history and diet preference inventory, and she will put you on the right path.  Not everyone benefits from the same meal plan, so each diet plan is specifically tailored to the individual.

Your diet plan will consist of a meal schedule – with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – all the recipes for the week, a week’s shopping list and a preparation program to help you make meal prep super easy and fun!  Start treating your body to only the most delicious and nutritious meals!  Vegan and vegetarian options, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free – free yourself and feed your body the best food that you can!

Make an appointment with Dr. Scott, ND SATURDAYS from 10am – 2pm at Heart & Hands Health Collective. Book online at www.heartandhandscommunity.ca/naturopathic-medicine

In health and gratitude!

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