Tincture Spotlight: the Lamplighter

If you’ve perused the front shelves of the Heart & Hands lobby and been
curious about some of the tinctures being sold, then you’ll know that it
can be hard to choose! This month I want to give some words of description to one of the most useful tinctures for this particular time of year, the Lamplighter!

It’s 4pm as I sit down to write this and the sky is already darkening. It’s
been down-pouring all weekend, I’m cold and damp to the bone from
stubbornly trying to work in my muddy garden. Even though I wouldn’t
describe myself as someone who struggles with depression, I am a devout sun
worshipper and these winter blues are hard to deny. And, ahem, we’re still
over a month away from the darkest day of the year…

This is the season of death, decay, letting go and darkness. It’s the
season where the hard stuff, the old stuff, the stuff we like to flee from,
rises to the surface; and our job is to face it. So while the most
important task of this season is to embrace the darkness and face it’s hard
medicine, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help from your plant
friends; enter the Lamplighter.

Since all good medicine formulation seeks to balance out current
imbalances, the Lamplighter, which was formulated for winter blues, is
spicy, warming and connects us to the light when we need it the most; the
plants that make up this formula are all oranges, yellows and reds. With
Damiana, St John’s Wort, Turmeric, Cinnamon and Mustard flower essence,
this formula is perfect for depression of the milder kind. This describes
the kind of blues that come and go, and would likely dissipate with the
appearance of a gorgeous sunny day and the feel of sunshine on your skin.

The Lamplighter is also great for warming up our physical system, getting
the blood pumping and digestion stoked, warming our stiff and sore joints
and igniting creativity and confidence. It’s even an aphrodisiac <3

For a custom formula, contact Jenny at j.frances.poppy@gmail.com

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