Community Acupuncture is…

Acupuncture can change the world in red on a yellow background with Christina Chan's fist in the foreground

Community Acupuncture is SO MUCH MORE than affordable acupuncture:

  • It is an innovative return to a traditional form of healthcare, provided in honour of its humble, barefoot roots
  • It strives to be a safe space, welcoming earthlings of all shapes, sizes, genders & life experiences
  • It is a business model that is built first & foremost on the importance of human interaction & relationships
  • It is a relationship of trust, compassion & accountability, in which both the practitioner & the client are equals
  • It is a community space of mutual respect, generosity & compromise, where exchanges are mindful & whispered & we unplug from our hand-held electronic devices
  • It is a movement away from attaching the restrictions of monetary value to one’s health, wellness and quality of life
  • It is a safe place to fall apart & put yourself back together again
  • It is a model + movement that allows everyone (clients, practitioners, volunteers, community supporters) to be part of something larger than themselves
  • It decreases isolation and harnesses the profound, collective electro-magnetic energy, “Qi”, that is generated when a group of living beings gather together
  • It is a reflection of the organic, constantly evolving behaviour of human nature
  • It is simultaneously profoundly simple, yet complex
  • It allows acupuncture to “work” as it was intended to as a regular & consistent life enriching routine; it is acupuncture for everyone
  • For those of us dedicated to the movement, it is a way of life

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