Tincture Spotlight by Jenny McCartney, Medical Herbalist: Nourish


If you’ve perused the front shelves of the Heart and Hand’s lobby and been curious about some of the tinctures being sold, then you’ll know that it can be hard to choose!  This month I want to give some words of description to one of the most useful tinctures for this particular time of year, the Nourish tincture! 

Winter is a time to preserve and lay low; and there was a time when for most northern folks, one’s actual ability to survive depended on not using up too much physical energy, fuel, candles, food stores and preserves etc. In the plant world, this is the season where what is above ground dies away or goes dormant, so as to preserve and keep safe the most valuable resources and essences deep in the underworld root systems.

While most of us on this land have indoor heating now and access to jet-setter pineapples, the body hasn’t forgotten it’s need for a season of stillness, hibernation and rest.  I wonder if we would grumble about winter as much as we do if we were able to really soak up it’s stillness?  One of the leading theories regarding seasonal affective disorder links it to fighting again winters’ rhythms, within the great seasonal wheel. 

In absence of being able to sleep 10 hours a night for the remainder of these cold months, the Nourish formula is a good one to include this time of year to help build physical resources, resiliency and calm. It’s also a great formula anytime of the year for signs of burnout, whether work related or emotional. Ashwagandha and Shatavari, two plants used for their thick and nourishing roots, form the base of this formula, and are complimented by warming Cinnamon and sweet Wild Oats harvested at the milky stage. 

Nourish and other lovingly prepared tinctures in the lobby of Heart & Hands Health Collective for $20.

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