This is a sit down toilet only. H&H bathroom sign.

This is a sit down toilet only

Those of you who have perched on the porcelain throne at Heart & Hands may have noticed the sign strategically mounted at toilet-sitting height. We have also affixed one above the tank, so folks standing and facing the toilet would also receive the same message. And I figured it might be useful to reflect upon its subtle significance.

Firstly, here at H&H we like cleanliness, which also includes not getting pee all over the toilet seat or on the floor. And if accidents happen, to exercise the courtesy of cleaning up after yourself. Esp since the bathroom is the busiest room in the building, second only to the lobby. We see it as a simple way to ensure everyone did their bit by keeping the bathroom in clean and working order.

Secondly, its about mindfulness. That clients not only consider cleanliness, but that the toilet may be a fixture of gender equality…that the toilet seat STAYS DOWN, so it is readily usable for the 99% of our clients who are able-bodied enough to sit down to do their business. Those of you who have accidentally sat down on the cold toilet bowl sans toilet seat, you will understand.

It’s a simple request, that not only makes our bathroom truly gender neutral (yes, we also keep complimentary eco-friendly menstrual pads in there)…but in a way, feminist…a feminist…toilet. Yes. And clean, we like clean.

Now if only getting people to change the toilet paper roll was as simple…

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