A letter from Christina

To the Heart & Hands community!

I am excited and grateful to be back in the saddle after an unexpected hiccup in my regular programming! I am regaining my strength and rebalancing day-by-day.

I have a few requests for the next upcoming weeks while I take the time and energy to get readjusted into a rhythm with my work, schedule and changing body:

  • I will need to work up to my usual capacity.
    It may take a little time for me to regain my speed and volume. So at least for my first few days back at the clinic, I may need to turn away unexpected walk-ins and likely will not be double booking my schedule. I feel it is more important that I provide high quality sessions for clients of whom I know ahead of time are booked in my schedule. I hope to gradually build my capacity over the course of May. Don’t worry, I will see you, eventually.
  • Time during sessions is about you.
    While I appreciate that everyone is concerned about how I am doing, time during sessions is for you and not for me to talk about my health status. I would like to focus on your case and how I can best serve you while I am here during clinic hours.
  • It is more important you maintain your course of treatment, rather than wait to see me.
    As mentioned above, it might be a little time before you can see me regularly again. And as I remind most of you, treatment frequency is the priority and my amazing staff who have been filling in for me is still ready and willing to see you all in the meantime. Please continue book with them to maintain your course of treatment. My team is who provides my acupuncture. I trained them myself, so if they are good enough for me, I’m very confident they will be fantastic for you.
  • Come in for sessions, support me by supporting our clinic.
    Firstly I am an earthling. Secondly, I am a business owner – this is a reality that still keeps running in the background regardless of whether I am able to work. So, help us cover our expenses, help our ‘punks make a living, all while looking after yourself!
    Book yourself an appointment today!
  • Share your story on Humans of Heart & Hands.
    I realize we have a tidal wave of gratitude that keeps Heart & Hands afloat and while many of you are busy, overwhelmed or shy…your story is part of the human impact and word-of-mouth that is what makes this tiny little clinic such a community resource and force of nature. Please contribute to it in large or small ways, in whatever way you are comfortable.
    You can share your stories HERE
  • If you’d like to support me.
    I assure everyone, I am well cared for and have an amazing team of doctors and adjunctive practitioners overseeing my care. I am very blessed to have the knowledge and resources to address my complex health conditions. However, there are many out there who are not as fortunate as I am, and if you’d like to show support and solidarity for those who are also battling medical conditions, these are some organizations doing great work.
    > SickKidsFoundation

    > Native Youth Sexual Health Network

Do look after yourselves, soak up this glorious spring sun, enjoy your acupuncture, look after our poking team and I will see you all in a chair in the very near future.

Much love and gratitude,
Christina Chan, R.Ac., Owner/Operator

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