A pioneer in caring for people from all walks of life…

David in a boat with his 2 sons

Heart & Hands is not only a pillar of the downtown community and a pioneer in caring for people from all walks of life thanks to their affordable and inclusive model, they are also staffed by the most caring and highly competent individuals.

As a member of the Victoria alternative/complimentary healthcare community I never hesitate to seek their help whether for myself, my family or my clients. Cheers to Heart & Hands and hello! Humans of Heart & Hands, you all rock!

David Laurin BSc, CAT(C), DOMP
At Ocean Tides Health Collective we believe in healing. And we believe healing comes from within. Our healthcare providers understand the body-mind-spirit unity and are professionally trained to help our clients make progress towards health. We provide a welcoming environment that will help them along their journey. 

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