Arie is hugging her German Shepherd.

I finally found the space for healing I needed…

Heart & Hands Health Collective has helped me in such a profound way.

I have struggled with mental health issues for many years, and finally took a friend’s advice to get acupuncture when I was truly at the end of my rope. I had tried every conventional therapy — and nearly every medication. I started to believe nothing would ever help me. Then I met Christina, Susan and the rest of the crew at H&H!

I finally found the space for healing I needed: a place where the practitioners listen deeply, treat with great care and compassion, and where I felt safe and cared about. The acupuncturists worked with me to develop a treatment plan and recommended practices to compliment the acupuncture and other therapies I was receiving. I’ve been a client for 2+ years, and now I choose to volunteer my time to the clinic that has helped me so much.

I am so grateful for the healing community I’ve found — Heart and Hands is truly a sacred space. <3

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