6 session and 3 session acupuncture seat sale punchcards

Updated polices for Acupuncture Seat Sales!

With our next round of Acupuncture Seat Sales coming up this September, we wanted to give our wonderful client base advanced notice of a change in our policies!

Commencing September 2019, clients hoping to claim Acupuncture Seat Sale fees with their extended health care benefits:

  • We provide proof of usage of each Seat Sale session redeemed in the form of an emailed receipt. Many Extended Benefits Providers will reimburse prepaid treatment packages once the package is used up and we suggest you submit your email receipts for this purpose.
  • Due to legal reasons, we are no longer able to provide “Single Session” $55 or $105 receipts.
  • If the process of submitting Seat Sale punchcard purchases is not compatible with the requirements of your Extended Health Benefits plan, we suggest that you forgo purchasing our cards and resume using our $20-50 sliding scale

Our convenient and affordable punchcards are still as always,
3 acupuncture sessions for $55 | 6 acupuncture sessions for $105

For more information, contact us | 250-590-3185

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