How to use our sliding scale

We operate using a $20- $50 sliding scale, which is available to anyone at anytime with no income verification, no questions asked. Clients are encouraged to choose an amount that is affordable and sustainable over time so that they can continue to come as often as necessary to get and stay well.

When using our sliding scale please first and foremost keep in mind your financial means and the frequency you are receiving treatments. However, also consider that this is how your practitioners make a living and how the clinic pays its mortgage and property tax.

Our sliding scale is in place so we can treat people from a wide spectrum of financial situations, which is why we want to keep the bottom end of our sliding scale as accessible as possible. If you are tight for money, pay at the low end of the sliding scale, but those of you who have extended healthcare benefits or those of you that find the higher end of the sliding scale within your means, we encourage you to pay more.

An additional $2-5 per treatment is significant to our small clinic. And if your financial situation or treatment frequency changes, please adjust your payments accordingly.

We acknowledge that healthcare is a basic human right and our current medical system leaves large gaps for getting adequate care; hence, we do our best to provide the infrastructure in which clients can choose what works best for them while juggling their budget in a high-cost city such as Victoria.

We strive to maintain a balance between accessibility of our services and meeting our bottom line as a small business that pays a living wage.

For more information about community acupuncture, our sliding scale and how it can best serve your specific needs, please visit our FAQ page  

We thank you in advance :)
the H&H acupunking team

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