Travel update from Heather Dekezel!

Dear Christina and friends at H&H,

I have been thinking about you whilst traveling and wanted to share some stories and pictures for a fun little glimpse into these distant lands.

We are currently in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This is our first stop out of Thailand and our first time to Malaysia.  We arrived about 10days ago at 10pm after traveling for 24hrs: night ferry leaving Koh Tao, 6hr mini bus, transfer to another 1hr mini bus and then a 6hr train ride.

Kiddo held up surprisingly well on the journey until he lost it 4hrs into our train ride – pretty big full body quake of frustration and anger and then fast asleep.  He woke up in time to see the bright towering buildings lighting up the sky and then we were off into their puzzling realm. We went around the train station in circles and finally went outside for a block or two until we turned back around, got some directions, debated paying 200$ at a hotel we had read about and then decided to just walk a find something that looked reasonable.

We grabbed the first place we saw for an easier to swallow 40$ per night and found out we were in little india. We dropped our bags off in our room and went out to look for dins. Around the corner the street was full of tables and people eating. We were getting close to 11pm and other 4 yr olds were out with their families, NBD.  We ordered a large round of curry and lamb and naan with dips and a strawberry lassi for the guy and thought we were in heaven with the delicious dream spice combos used. We ate til we were full and given the bill we thought was mis-quoted at 12$, it was accurate and we were not about to complain! Cheap mouth watering eats in this melting pot of asian cultures, yay.  Sorry about the money references here, it’ a big theme for us as we are traveling on a tight budget so these things get reported.

KL has been a grand navigational puzzle for us. Multilayered highways, over passes, confusing train connections a pedestrian nightmare yet we have been having fun piecing the place together giving ourselves some time to learn how these systems work and how to get around. Highlights here: definately the food mostly north india cusine, the wildly large sky scrapers (an environment I never thought I could appreciate), amazing people very interested and in love with our blue eyed boy, torrential rain dodging every afternoon (somewhere around 250mm for Oct).

We also had our first dental experiences abroad here – Si received a complicated root canal and several fillings done by a lovely dentist with reassuring high standards and quality of care – another dolla ref at a 1/3-1/5 of what he would have paid at home.

We are wrapping up our time here, leaving on Saturday and heading toward Northern Sumatra. We are looking forward to doing some jungle exploring, hoping to spot some orangutans, as well as explore some islands and underwater scenes.

That’s it for now. Yours truly,

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