Post-surgery update from Christina

My long awaited ureter reimplantation on Nov. 1st surgery went as well one could possibly wish for and the reconstruction was much less invasive than anticipated. My blood pressure had also normalized immediately after surgery, which indicated that the blockage on my right kidney has finally been relieved. An added a bonus, the cystogram on Monday Nov 4th indicated that the surgical site showed no signs of leakage! My surgeon was delighted and feels I should have little to no lingering side effects once I’m made a full recovery.

As long as recovery goes smoothly over the next 6 weeks, I will have a final procedure in mid-December to re-examine the surgical site and to finally remove the urinary stent.

Beyond this hurdle, I can finally just focus on the remaining recovery regime for my lupus nephritis flare. So I will take the upcoming months to rest, recover, replenish, decompress and PROCESS this health crisis roller coaster.

The H&H acupunks team have been passing on the countless well wishes from our clientbase. My birthday is early December, followed by the holidays. In lieu of spending funds on cards or sweets, I would encourage clients who would like to show appreciation to dedicate donations in my name (Christina Chan) to the following non-profit organizations that I wish to support, no amount too small:

  • Pull Together: The People vs. Trans Mountain, supporting First Nations in court is the best way to stop a tar sands pipeline and tanker expansion project. NO F**KING TANKERS!
  • BC Children’s Hospital Foundationfor several years, I have been a monthly donor, in addition to a birthday donation to SickKids Foundation, that funds Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where I was a patient from the ages of 12-18. I wanted to make a parallel contribution to similar foundation, now that I’ve made BC my home.

This will be my last medical update until December.
But for now, I’m trying to take things day by day and I can almost take the deepest, fullest sigh of relief. I will soon be in the clear….I hope to see you all in January.

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