Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy & fluid work

Aviva standing on the beach wearing a dark jacket and baseball cap

We are so incredibly fortunate to live by the ocean.

Hearing the all encompassing sounds of crashing waves and tasting the salt on my lips allows me to connect in with the full expression of my being. The waters edge simply fills me with deep breaths and wide smiles. The ocean is a major fuel stop along the back roads of my life. The ocean resources me; the ocean supports my health.

I haven’t always lived near the ocean. I grew up in a place where two rivers meet. Those rivers have also been a resource for me in the past, as I have a great affinity for water. I love to sing next to and swim in any body of water I can get near, which is one of the reasons why I was drawn to become a fluid worker.

There are many elements to the alchemy of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, some of which happen on the table, but it is what happens in between sessions that is key to the work. This is because all healing occurs in relationship to the amount of resources that we can bring to bear in a given situation. When you show up at a session having done the work of resourcing yourself, your resiliency shines through and your system is then better able to access your internal resources in order to release what is ready and integrate the rest.

Resources are personal, a mix of external experiences and internal frameworks. They tend to generate feelings of ease, spaciousness, stillness, connection, safety or even just a sense of being ok. The right resources for each of us will emerge both on and off the table, as our relationships with ourselves, our communities, and the natural world evolve and deepen.

Just as the ocean shows off its brilliance in the expression of magnificent tides, we too have a creative intelligence that manifests in tidal rhythms as the layers of our human experience unfold and integrate. Many of you who have experienced BCST have felt your own tides; isn’t it magical?

Engaging in that which fills us up, and noticing what it feels like when our health feels supported is an active part of our healing process.

Despite knowing the ocean is a major resource for me and living near it, I still don’t manage to make it there as often as I’d like. I’d like to commit right here to taking myself to the ocean as much as possible this month, and hope that some of you may check-in and ask me when my next ocean date will be.

How will you resource yourself this month between your sessions, be it community acupuncture, herbal consults, BCST or otherwise?

Much gratitude to the Songhees and Esquimalt nations for taking such good care of these waters since time immemorial. May we all take part in continuing to support our water protectors.

Clinic Hours:
Tuesdays 4-6:30
Sundays 12-5

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Aviva Ciplinski, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Aviva’s medicine is both profound and gentle.

The space she holds during her sessions is just, WOW…. so indescribably safe and wonderfully supportive. I would highly recommend her brilliant cranial work (in fact, I already have). Thank you, thank you!

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