Community Acupuncture is an idea…

Community Acupuncture is an idea intended to shift Western attitudes around health care.

It is a tool that is accessible and inclusive, in which individuals can be in control of managing and maintaining their wellness. That concepts of stress management, burn-out prevention, meaningful rest and spending time with one’s body are all acts that invest in your future, long-term quality of life and resistance to society’s ails.

And while we are always open to meet people where they are, we deeply understand that we are most effective when we can focus on PREVENTION, rather than attempting to quell the flames of an acute crisis. And that we understand that the Western medical system has trained society to view health care as reactionary, rather than visionary.

So we will continue to quietly, steadfastly and patiently remind society to reconnect their mind to body, to live with the rhythms of the natural world and to pay our respects to the centuries old traditional system that we have the privilege to reinterpret for this modern world.

~Christina Chan, R.Ac.

Our online crowdfunding campaign “Help us build H&H 2.0” launches TOMORROW, February 15th. 

Please visit our website regularly for updates, but also to SUPPORT US by contributing to our campaign and spreading the word through your personal networks
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