I am excited for what the future holds for our ongoing friendship and professional collaboration.

Nine years ago, I was connected to Heart & Hands through a mutual friend. I was looking for a Victoria location to host my first solo gemstone show on Vancouver Island.

My seasonal shows at Heart & Hands has been the only solid, constant element in my life for the past nine years. I always look forward to and am grateful for the opportunity to share this space with the Heart & Hands community :)

I immensely appreciate the field of energy that lends itself to making my shows so much more of a community healing experience beyond just putting on a rock show.

Christina inspires me as a business owner and boss lady. I feel sense of camaraderie and sisterhood in terms of what it means to hustle our respective small businesses, with vision, dedication and integrity.

I am excited for what the future holds for our ongoing friendship and professional collaboration. I wish for abundance and good fortune for both our respective organizations.

Much love,
Christine Paton, Owner/Operator, Sparkle Wrangler
Stone Haven Gems is located in beautiful British Columbia.  You can find our collection of crystals, minerals, jewellery and gems at most of the gem and mineral shows in western Canada.

We love community. And we love stories. Humans of Heart & Hands is a collection of practitioner, volunteer & client accounts of how Heart & Hands Health Collective has made a positive impact in their lives.

Help us transition to non-profit!

Our campaign, “Help us build H&H 2.0” runs February 15 – March 20. We need to raise $15 000 for our transition to a non-profit, a move towards the next stage of sustainability. As a non-profit, we could apply to the City of Victoria for a property tax exemption. This will enable us to reinvest our revenues back into our organization. It will also allow us to access alternative funding through grants and foundations to broaden our reach.

Invest in the longevity and sustainability of Heart & Hands. Get more information or contribute to our campaign!

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