The crew there has helped put back together the puzzle that is my well being.

H&H is magic!

I most appreciate pokes when nothing feels right, something is wrong that I can’t put my finger on, when I need to be wrapped in a blanket and hide. I consistently feel improvement after treatment, like the crew there has helped put back together the puzzle that is my well being. I’ve recently been dealing intensively with GP’s, specialists, labs, and the hospital, but it is H&H where I feel heard and cared for, and will continue to be the place I return to in my healing journey.

Thank you!
J. McL.

We love community. And we love stories. Humans of Heart & Hands is a collection of practitioner, volunteer & client accounts of how Heart & Hands Health Collective has made a positive impact in their lives.

Help us transition to non-profit!

As a tiny, values-based establishment in Downtown Victoria, it is no longer sustainable for us to remain as a business due to the rapidly rising cost of property tax. Hence, we are transitioning into a non-profit, a huge undertaking that will invest in our longevity. Then we can continue offering our vital and affordable services to the community as well as providing our practitioners with a living wage.

“Help us build H&H 2.0” is an online fundraising campaign running February 15 – March 20. We intend to raise a total of $15 000 = $12 000 for our 2020 property tax + $3000 for legal/accounting fees necessary for the non-profit transition.

Invest in the longevity and sustainability of Heart & Hands. Get more information or contribute to our campaign!

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