To say the least, H&H is a place of refuge for me.

Xela selfie lying in bed with a B&W kitty

H&H is a place that offers medicine in the form of caring, intuitive healers who are accepting, responsive, and compassionate.

For me, it is a powerful alternative to the regular avenues for healing; such places never offered me comfort, safety, or empowerment. To say the least, H&H is a place of refuge for me. Simply through being in such space, I feel better.

Acupuncture has helped me unravel the tangles of anxiety, emotion, and symptom. I now have greater trust in my body and myself and I know how to rest! I had lost something and now I’ve recovered it. I am certain there is also huge power in being in a shared space that is truly safe.

It has definitely been a journey to where I am now, and I can honestly say I feel more whole than I did 3 years ago – at my first session, and I know a large part of that is due to H&H. My sincerest gratitude for this amazing place – Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it!


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