Golden Bee Propolis throat spray

A timely offering from Rebecca Singer, RHT, available in the H&H lobby. Part of her Twig + Stone Botanical Medicine line for $14.

A gift from the bees – this ancient medicine is made from the resins of spring leaf buds of poplar, birch, alder + pine trees collected by bees and transformed into a resinous liquid which is used to protect their hive from weather, invasion + infection. Propolis has a sweet umber resin taste that soothes a sore throat, fends off infection + strengthens your immune system keeping you healthy.

Community defense – The word propolis is derived from Greek, in which pro stands for “at the entrance to” and polis for “community” or “city,” which is the sort of protection which holds extra weight at this precarious moment in time.  

Take care of yourself and everyone around you. xo

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