We remain closed and will re-evaluate after April 13: COVID-19 Updates

We remain closed until further notice.

With current updates from the BC Health Minister and the recommendations from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we closed our doors March 18th. It’s extremely difficult to cancel our remaining clients who are in need of care, but it is the responsible thing to do to mitigate further risk of transmission and encourage everyone to stay home at this time.

We hope all of our community is staying safe. Please look after yourselves, your loved ones and esp the most vulnerable in our communities.

Island Health advisory of what to do in Victoria if you think you may have Coronavirus:
DO NOT to go to the hospital emergency room. Victoria Health Unit has set-up facilities to collect swabs for testing. Call, 250-388-2200 to book an appointment.

What you can do?

First and foremost, if you feel any of the common symptoms of COVID-19 (including fever, sore throat, cough, or difficulty breathing), we ask that you stay home and lie low to so that your condition does not worsen as well as preventing further transmission. Call the nurses hotline at 8-1-1 if you require further medical advice.

If you have an allergy, asthma, or any other non-infectious respiratory condition, please cover your mouth with your elbow or a tissue if you need to cough or sneeze. We are still in the midst of our usual cold/flu season, in addition to the beginning of the hayfever season. There are plenty of other factors that can irritate our immune systems.

Do things to optimize your immunity such as regular hand washing, avoid touching your face, cleaning your phone, staying hydrated + eating well and getting plenty of rest. 

Otherwise, for further information, please follow the guidelines from HealthLinkBC.

What about acupuncture?

Acupuncture does not treat the Corona virus. HOWEVER, acupuncture does treat all of the compounding factors that can compromise your immunity including stress, anxiety, insomnia, and tension. Acupuncture can boost your immunity, regulate your nervous system, and furthermore, community acupuncture can provide you a safe space to feel connected to others.  

This is also a great time to check in with your community and loved ones. As always do not engage in xenophobia, bigotry, or racism. There is no reason to freak out, but there is every reason to cautious and considerate.

What we are doing?

We will need to refuse you treatment if you have a fever and cough. We need to reduce the risk of exposure to our staff, volunteers and your fellow clients.

There is no penalty for cancelling due to illness, so if you are feeling under the weather, don’t hesitate to call, 250-590-3185 to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

We also ask that if you have traveled out of the country in the last 14 days to not come the clinic.

March 16 – 19, we are limiting our capacity to 5 clients per hour to allow for more distance between people. This reduction in capacity will also allow extra time for disinfecting and cleaning between clients.

This means appointment availability will be reduced.
Please BOOK ONLINE or call ahead, 250-590-3185. There is no guarantee that we can accommodate you if you do not notify us in advance.

All clients will be reminded to visit the bathroom to thoroughly wash their hands prior to sitting down for their treatment. Supplies are becoming difficult to come by in Victoria, but soap is still widely available, so we will do what we can to use hand sanitizer and paper products wisely.

Exercise the same precautions that we always follow each cold/flu season, which includes encouraging you to stay at home and rest if you are sick. And again, call the nurses hotline at 8-1-1 if you require further medical assistance.

Be safe, practice physical distancing+social solidarity and wash your hands.
We hope to see you in April.

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