This community model spoke volumes to the ideas of paying it forward and that “we’re all in this together”

Frankie and Kravitz

A friend of mine brought me along to H&H back in September 2016 while I was in the process of recovering from a broken foot. I was apprehensive at first about receiving acupuncture due to my fear of needles. But as an open-minded skeptic I was willing to give it a shot because I was dealing with high anxiety and my friend encouraged me to try because it was helpful for her.

I remember staring at the needles in my arms and left my first session feeling pretty good, but uncertain about it’s benefits. However, 3 days following this session, my anxiety spiked back to the level it was prior to treatment and I realized how effective the session was for decreasing my anxiety.

Fast forward a few months, being still off work, my funds were nil but my time was abundant, so I decided to join the H&H volunteer team. My experience at the front desk helped to open my eyes to the community culture of this organization. Being low income, I came from a scarcity mentality and as I witnessed people paying above the lowest end of the sliding scale, I realized that although some individuals may be poor in finances, we could be rich in community connection. This community model spoke volumes to the ideas of paying it forward and that “we’re all in this together”.

Fast forward 3 years, I am an integral member of this growing community. I have risen through the ranks and now coordinate the volunteer team. I have a lot of pride and gratitude for the service we provide to the community. I look forward to seeing us grow and seeing where we will go in the near future by creating new and innovative community connections.

Thank you to our community for helping us shape and build this organization into what it is,

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