Adjustments to our sliding scale due to COVID-19 restrictions

It is necessary at this time for us to change our 
sliding scale to $35-55 per treatment.

This hopefully is a temporary measure to compensate for decreased number of sessions per shift in order to maintain adequate physical distancing. It also allows us to recoup lost revenues during our closure as well as the cost of PPE and disinfecting supplies required for us to operate.

We are also no longer able to offer a lower sliding scale. We hope to implement a new system to provide treatments for people who cannot afford our new rates in the future, but for the time being all treatments must be paid for on the $35-$55 sliding scale, MSP or with an Acupuncture Seat Sale punchcard.

This includes adjustments to our Direct MSP Billing

For clients who are eligible for MSP Premium Assistance, you will have coverage for $23 per acupuncture session for a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year. We will bill MSP directly for $23 per session and you will be responsible for paying the remaining $12-32 per session to fall within our $35-55 sliding scale. This out of pocket portion of the treatment fee can be paid with debit, credit, cash or cheque.

A difficult, but necessary adjustment

Since we opened in 2010, the lowest end of our sliding scale has remained the same. While cost of operating and cost of living has grown over the past nine years, we have done some creative things behind the scenes to avoid having to raise our rates. If you’ve been to our clinic, you will have seen that our ability to offer acupuncture at a lower rate than a private acupuncture session relies on our ability to see a high volume of clients.

With the restrictions around capacity, necessary cleaning protocols, not having front desk volunteers, social distancing guidelines, etc. it is impossible for us to provide enough sessions to offer treatments at our current sliding scale.

Our goal is to remain viable during this time so we can continue to provide more affordable, accessible acupuncture to people who need it. Our top priorities have always been to provide affordable and accessible acupuncture to our community AND to pay our practitioners a living wage. It is not without careful consideration that we make this shift. As with everything, it is unknown what the future will look like in the long term, so we will continue to adapt and pivot as needed.

We are looking at ways to be able to offer an accessibility program for those who have no ability to access acupuncture with our new sliding scale. This will come once we have been able to stabilize the clinic, hopefully before the end of the summer. 

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