Reiterating our cancellation policies in preparation for the start of the school year

First and foremost, we’d like to thank all of our clients thus far for their accountability to the much needed acupuncture appointments you have been booking. We are delighted that you are both practicing self-care and supporting our small business :)

Due to COVID, we have had to decrease our hourly capacity to maintain social distancing. Hence, we wanted to reiterate our policies as cancelling appointments short notice (less than 12 hours) or missing your appointment impacts our practitioners and clinic financially. Please consider that if you no-show or cancel your appointment with short notice, that is a space that could have been used by another client in need of care. With limited capacity, each space is important to meet the needs of our community.

As a reminder:
We are accepting cancellations up to 12 HOURS BEFORE your appointment.
Any scheduling changes within 12 hours of your appointment will be subject to a $35 cancellation fee

We are no longer offering rescheduling free of charge.

Exceptions granted to the following unforeseen and/or emergency situations:
> Illness or accident
> Personal/family emergencies
> Childcare conflicts
> If you have been exposed to COVID-19

Please provide advanced notice, so there is adequate time for another client to fill your timeslot.
Up to 12 HOURS BEFORE, you may cancel your appointment via:
> Online through (preferred)
> Email,
> Phone, 250-590-3185 – at this time, our capacity to answer the phone will be limited

Our JaneApp system sends email appointment reminders 36 hours before. If you do not use or regularly check your email, please put systems in place to remind yourself of the appointment you have booked.

Please be accountable for the timeslot you have booked, as our scheduling is limited.
Help us help you get the acupuncture you need, especially since September is right around the
corner and there are many unknowns with the school year fast approaching…

And as always, prior to your visit, if you’d like to review our COVID Adjustments to our administrative, health & safety policies, READ HERE.

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