Acupressure for chest clearing & lung support

In TCM, the lungs are a “tender organ”, kinda like Goldilocks ;) They prefer moderate conditions that are not too dry or moist and not too hot or cold. They are vulnerable to “external pathogens” such as viruses, bacteria, mold, but also other environmental particulate including pollen and under our current circumstances, the toxic particles carried by wildfires.

The lungs also play an important role in regulating immunity. The lungs is to circulate a thin protective, fluid layer that lies just below the skin’s surface, called the “Wei qi”, which in TCM theory, acts as a barrier to pathogens trying in invade our bodies. Hence, if your lung function is sub-optimal, so is your immunity. Hence, it is extremely protect your lungs, especially if you have pre-existing respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD. As we are entering the shift from summer to autumn and impending cold+flu season, BE TENDER to your tender lungs.

Here is a simple series of acupressure points that you can use to help clear your chest and support your tender lungs:

Pericardium 6 – Neiguan:
It’s found in the centre of your wrist, between 2 prominent tendons, about 2 fingers width above your inner wrist crease. Often achy, heavy and tingly, it opens the chest, relieves congestion and helps to clear phlegm.
It is also very effective for nausea and motion sickness.
Lung 6 – Kongzui:
Palm-side up, it is on the midpoint along the line joining the thumb-side of your wrist (at the radial pulse) to the elbow crease. Often tight and tender, esp if you are experiencing symptoms, it relieves cough, phelgm, chest congestion and is beneficial for conditions such as asthma.
Kidney 27 – Shufu:
Found in the hollow between the lower border border of your collarbones and the 1st rib. It is approx 1.5 inches from the midline. Tender and deep, it opens the chest, relieves cough and calms rebellious LU qi. Helpful for asthma.

Hold each of these points firmly for 5 – 10 deep diaphragmatic breaths to ensure you thoroughly stimulate each point for the best results.

*These points are also very helpful for anxiety!

Otherwise, here is a list of tried and tested suggestions that we shared back in 2018 when Vancouver Island was also surrounded by wildfires and covered in a blanket of smoke :(

  • Follow a real time Air Quality Index so you can carefully plan your time spent outdoors.
  • MASK UP & TAKE IT EASY! Especially if you have asthma or suffer from allergies combined with the humid weather, it’s best to limit extraneous activity if you are struggling to breathe
  • Bioactive Quercitin – highly absorb-able bioflavinoid that can help clear phlegm from your chest and reduce inflammation
  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine – amino acid precursor to glutathione, which relieves upper respiratory inflammation and can be safely combined with quercitin
  • Thieves Oil – either as a soothing steam or DILUTED in a neutral carrier oil for applying to your chest and throat
  • Nin Jiom – time-tested herbal remedy from Hong Kong that soothes harsh coughs, sore throats and keeps the lungs moist, it can be easily found in Chinatown
  • Sinus saline rinse – simple, drug-free method of keeping your sinuses squeaky clean
  • ACUPUNCTURE of course! To open your chest and to treat whatever else ails ya as we make our way through 2020…book online

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