H&H in solidarity with the Fairy Creek Blockade: a Community Acupuncture Fundraiser

I’m unable to be at Fairy Creek in-person, as I continue to hold my post providing our community essential care during the pandemic and am medically vulnerable, but I am there in spirit and I wish to raise funds to put towards defying the misguided priorities of politicians yet again bowing to corporate powers.

THURSDAYS 10am – 2pm in April (8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th),
I will be donating 25% of Community Acupuncture revenues to the “Direct Action for the last Ancient Rainforests”
GoFundMe Campaign.

Support our community practice, receive essential self-care and fund a volunteer driven, grassroots, direct-action movement to protect the last remaining ancient temperate rainforests on Vancouver Island. 

So what are ya waiting for? Book a Community Acupuncture session

On April 1, 2021 Colonial BC Supreme Court Justice Verhoeven granted an injunction that will subject ancient forest defenders to be arrested and forcibly removed for defending the last stands of ancient forests on Pacheedaht territory. Eight months of die-hard blockaders and the tireless efforts of community supporters are facing a tough road ahead.

We know more and more people each day are rising up prepared to risk arrest to uphold the blockades preventing road access into the headwaters of the unlogged Ada’itsx/Fairy Creek watershed. With your help, blockades will hold strong to protect critically endangered last stands of ancient temperate rainforests at the RFS frontlines in the Fairy, Gordon, Bugaboo, Walbran and Caycuse watersheds. We know there are many ways to participate in this struggle that do not risk arrest. For every person who chooses to boldly defend the forest in the face of an injunction and arrest, there are at least five other people needed to fulfill the many non-arrestable roles that sustain on-going action.

If you cannot join us for a restorative acu-nap, PLEASE donate to the ongoing efforts of the blockade directly to their
GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you in advance for helping me protect our last remaining VI old growth in the traditional Ada’itsx territories,
Christina Chan, R.Ac.

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