Quarantine Digital Care Package #13

We hope our care package for May finds you warmed by the sun of late spring, that it’s dried out your bones, lightened your spirit and kissed your skin.

This month, we bring you a selection of resources to continue supporting AND understanding your nervous systems. Suggestions for enjoying our time spent close to home for the month of May, whether it be enjoy the local natural beauty or tuning into events elsewhere in the world. And some good suggestions of how to help our bodies adjust to the change of seasons through food and self-care :)

Sticking close to home, we should take the time and space to marvel in the beauty and wonder of living in the Pacific NorthWest. Dip your toes (or all of yourself…) in the ocean, skip stones, breathe in the fresh briny air, look intentionally at the green spring growth, the camas is starting to pop up, plant some vegetables and take an inventory of everything you are grateful for.

And if you are able, support the ongoing efforts of the courageous folks who holding down the Fairy Creek Blockade, a volunteer driven, grassroots, direct-action movement to protect the last remaining ancient temperate rainforests on Vancouver Island. More information about their efforts, visit their GoFundMe Page.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
– Arundhati Roy

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