Quarantine Digital Care Package #16

Ah, the glorious days of late summer! We hope you have invested reasonable time into your tan lines, relaxing at our countless beaches and lakes and taking advantage of the season’s bounty of summer berries, tomatoes and squash.

As always, August’s care package includes a variety of resources to help you stay grounded and regulated, some holistic perspectives on rest and self-care, a diverse selection of music and film to enrich your mind with the goings on elsewhere in the world, seasonally relevant recipes and strategies to beat the heat and protect your lungs and a hidden gem in our Inner Harbour sharing the history of this land and it’s peoples.

We hope you are experiencing a little more ease and space this summer, so you can enjoy the warmth of the season and perhaps venture out for a vacation, or a staycation for the remaining weeks of summer. And also an opportunity to reflect and be grateful of the lessons learned enduring over a year of pandemic life, that maybe we have been able to reprioritize and consider what is truly important in our lives. We encourage you to continue supporting the brave folks at Fairy Creek as well as the Indian Residential School Survivors Society as we continue to find unmarked graves across the country.

And of course, a reminder that fall and the impending school year is just around the corner, that we should continue to be cautious, take the time to recharge and restore yourselves if possible and to hold in your mind that the sacrifices and precautions we’ve taken are for the collective good. We thank each and every one of you for holding the line, wearing a mask, participating in mutual aid and community care as well as continuing to support Heart & Hands by getting poked!

Stay hydrated, dip your toes in the ocean, stain your fingertips by picking blackberries and keep helping others in your community <3

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